Samsung Gear Solo spotted on Indian import manifest


Last month, we reported about Samsung working on a stand-alone Gear smartwatch that would come with SIM card slot to allow users to make calls without needing to connect to a smartphone. Called the Gear Solo, this smartwatch has now been spotted on Indian import site Zauba. It was first spotted by Maktechblog.

samsung-gear-solo-india-importAs mentioned above, unlike the Gear 2 smartwatches which need to be connected to a smartphone, the Gear Solo will have an embedded SIM and network receiver, which will allow users to make phone calls. The smartwatch is listed with the codename SM-R710 and is named Gear 2 Solo, but it is more likely to be called the Gear Solo. The list also reveals the import price of the smartwatch to be Rs 12,292, but the retail price is likely to be more than that.

There is currently no word on when Samsung plans on launching the device in India.

Hat Tip Salman V!

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