Samsung invests in Wacom, says stylus is here to stay

Samsung has invested $58.9 million in Wacom, the leader in stylus input hardware and software has announced. The investment would give Samsung a 5 percent stake in the company. With the investment, no matter how small for a company like Samsung, shows it is confident that the stylus is here to stay for smartphones and tablets, no matter what Apple might want consumers to think.

It was the Samsung that brought the trend of stylus back into the smartphone space with the launch of its flagship Samsung Galaxy Note. No matter how critics reacted to the whole stylus idea, Samsung continued to work on its products as well as apps while keeping the stylus edge intact in these. It later launched two more products, Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy Note 800 with support for stylus being one of the major features.

Wacom says that it will invest the money raised in product development and manufacturing for products to be supplied to Samsung. Also, the deal would give Samsung a greater lead time with new products and would also help get products developed according to its requirements and future product portfolio.


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