Samsung is developing brain-controlled smartphones and tablets

Samsung enthralled mobile users around the world with its Air View and Air Gesture features on its Galaxy S 4 that allowed them to use certain features on the phone without actually touching the device. Revolutionary though it might sound, Samsung it seems isn’t stopping there. According to a report on MITTechnologyReview, Samsung has partnered with Texas University to develop a series of smartphones and tablets that can be operated using the power of one’s brain.

In its current form, for this technology to work a user has to wear an EEG cap that translates the brain’s signals for the mobile device to understand and respond. The researchers discovered that by monitoring well-known brain activity patterns while showing visual patterns repetitively, people could open an app and make selections from a menu by concentrating on an icon blinking at a certain frequency. The experiments at the moment have resulted in a success rate of between 80 to 95 percent with a selection made every 5 seconds.

The technology though is far from being mass produced is being developed with disabled people in mind who need help to use smartphones or tablets. Samsung together with Roozbeh Jafari, an assistant professor of electrical engineering at the University of Texas are trying to make the process less intrusive, starting with the cap that takes 45mins to set up and needs a lot of gel for the electrodes to stick to the cap.

It is heartening to see Samsung working on a technology that can help the disabled and what is interesting is that the technology actually works.

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