Samsung launches Wallet app, takes on Apple’s Passbook app


Samsung has always been in head to head competition with Apple, and with the introduction of its Wallet App today during the developer’s conference at MWC, it has taken another stance on yet another Apple’s services – Passbook app for iOS. Samsung Wallet app will work as realtime service allowing users to store and manage event tickets, boarding passes, membership cards and coupons all in one place. Samsung Wallet app API is available for developers from today.

The app API can be used by developers to bridge in their coupons, tickets, cards and more with the Samsung Wallet. Not just this, the Wallet will also update the users with constant notifications on the relevant coupons and tickets provided by these associated app developers.

Apart from this, the Wallet will help in sending get realtime updates on membership card points and changes to boarding passes as well. Moreover, the bar codes on the passes on the Wallet can be scanned at various payment terminals.

The Wallet app clearly works on the line of Apple’s Passbook app, while it somewhat hints at the Google Now Boarding Pass launched last month as well.

Besides these, Samsung provides it the marketing angle by introducing co-marketing coupons to partners associated with Wallet service, which will increase traction at both ends.

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