Samsung leverages the best of the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Camera in the Galaxy S 4

Today in the morning Samsung unveiled its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S 4, but it was not the groundbreaking smartphone everyone hoped for. It was an Applesque refinement of the successful Galaxy S III formula. But what really helped Samsung refine the Galaxy S recipe were its homegrown ingredients.
While, the Galaxy S 4 brings a lot to the table on its own, its laser guided focus on the popular features from the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Camera line of products is sure to make it extremely popular.

For instance features like multi-window, Air View are basically evolutions of features that we have seen in products like the Galaxy Note II. But with the Galaxy S 4 on Air View, the user does not need a stylus, he can hover his fingers above the display to the same effect.  Samsung has also managed to collaborate with partners and features like Air View even support third party apps like Flipboard.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg because its the camera, which benefits most from Samsung’s innovation in the Galaxy Camera. The camera does not only benefit with a new sensor and a higher 13-megapixel resolution  but also a wealth of software modes that include Dual-Shot, Drama Shot, Cinema Shot, Sound Shot, Beauty Shot, Eraser and Story Album.

We are just scratching the surface with these modes and even the interface itself is borrowed from the Galaxy Camera.

Samsung cleverly did not harp about the technical prowess of the Galaxy S 4, but it rather focussed on the software innovations an area where it is ahead of the competition, however that comes at the cost of a vanilla Android experience. That said, the success Samsung has seen in the market indicates that the consumers like these experiences and the Galaxy S 4 has indeed stepped up its game.

Photographs: Rajat Agrawal

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