Samsung reportedly working on a stand-alone Gear Solo smartwatch with SIM card


Samsung has reportedly been working on a new, stand-alone Gear smartwatch that would come with SIM card slot to allow a user to make calls from the smartwatch itself, without needing to sync or connect it with a phone. The Korea Herald has spotted Samsung’s patent application for the Gear Solo filed with the Korean Intellectual Property Office, which hints at the device in the making.

According to the report, the Gear Solo will come with an embedded SIM and network receiver, and thus will allow making and receiving phone calls without being connected to a smartphone. The company’s current generation Gear smartwatches have to be connected to a Galaxy smartphone for accessing notifications and features from the phone.

Reportedly, Samsung has already partnered with SK Telecom in Korea to launch the Gear Solo with the operator, however it might as well launch the device in other countries later.

It is not just Samsung who is working on such a smartwatch and recently international music artist Will.I.Am too announced that he has been working on a smartwatch project, which does not require a phone to work and can even make calls.

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