Samsung REX 70 Vs Samsung REX 80 Vs Nokia Asha 310

Samsung has launched a new series of feature phones catering to the low-range phones segment. The REX series of phones will directly hit the market of the Asha range of phones by Nokia. All the devices come with touch screen and have support for dual-SIMs. Apart from this, these phones give users access to the Samsung app store support and offer a number of freebies in terms of games to its users. These carry an array of features to offer to the customers looking for a device in the mid-range priced between Rs 4,280 and Rs 6,290.

We take two of the devices, namely Samsung REX 70 and REX 80 that come with 3-inch capacitive screen and Java interface along with many other features and do a head to head comparison with the recently launched Nokia Asha 310, which carries similar set of features and fall in the same price range.

REX 80 is a rectangular shaped phone which looks slightly bigger than the REX 70 which comes in pebble sort of shape. Both the devices have three keys at the bottom of the screen, with a home key placed in the centre. While the home key is given as a hard key the rest of the two come as soft keys. Nokia Asha 310, on the other hand, comes with two soft keys on the front, below the screen.

There is a power on/off given on the right and volume rocker given on the left panels. The top panel has a 3.5mm jack and the bottom has mini USB connector slot. Nokia Asha 310 has similar set of connectivity ports given on it. Also as all the three devices offer support for dual-SIM, it is Nokia Asha that has hot swappable SIM space which allows users to place one SIM card without having to worry about turning the device off.

As far as multimedia features go, while Nokia Asha 310 offers 40 EA games free to download from the Nokia Store, both REX 70 and REX 80 come with 10 full version of Gameloft games that can be downloaded for free from the Samsung’s app store. There are a variety of pre-loaded apps like Facebook, Twitter and more given on all the three devices. Samsung REX devices feature Samsung’s ChatOn free messenger app and Nokia on the other hand has eBuddy on Asha 310. Also, Nokia has a reliable set of maps pre-loaded in the Asha 310, which is missing on Samsung’s REX range.

There are seven panels given on the home screen with a menu bar as well. Just like the Asha phone, you can scroll down the top panel which carries shortcuts to various options like Bluetooth and SIM connectivity.

Here is a comparison of the specifications of Asha 308, REX 80 and REX 70 Samsung REX 70 and REX 80
Asha 310 Samsung REX 80 Samsung REX 70
Dual SIM Dual SIM Dual SIM
Dimensions/weight 109.9x54x13mm 102 x 58 x 11.5 mm 104.9 x 57.2 x 12 mm
Display 3-inch Capacitive 3-inch Capacitive QVGA, TouchWiz UI with 8 customizable screens 3-inch Capacitive QVGA, TouchWiz UI with 8 customizable screens
software S40 Java Java
Memory (RAM/Internal/External) 64MB, 128MB, 32GB MicroSD 16GB microSD 32GB microSD
Camera 2-megapixel, Fixed focus 3-megapixel, Fixed focus 2-megapixel, Fixed Focus
Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Yes/Yes Yes/Yes Yes/No
Battery 1110mAh, 17 hours talk time 1000mAh, 14.7 hours talk time 1000mAh, 13 hours talk time
Extra 40 EA Games, free music download from Nokia music store, Preloaded apps, Nokia Maps 10 Gameloft games, preloaded Apps, ChatOn, Opera Mini Browser 10 Gameloft games, preloaded Apps, ChatOn, Opera Mini Browser
App Store Nokia Store Samsung App store Samsung App store
Price (approximately) Rs 5,000 Rs 5,200 Rs 4,500

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