Samsung starts buyback scheme on Galaxy S4, offers one-time free display replacement


Starting form today, Samsung is offering a new buyback scheme for its flagship Galaxy S4, which will come with one-time free display replacement for new Galaxy S4 buyers. In this scheme, the company is enticing consumers by offering a rebate of Rs 5,000 on exchanging their old phones for a new Galaxy S4, which will then cost Rs 36,500 instead of Rs 41,500. The major attraction however is that, Samsung is also giving a value addition package which it claims is worth Rs 41,749. This includes free goodies as well as some really interesting offers.

In this special package, Samsung is also offering one-time free replacement of the display in case it breaks (worth Rs 7,000, users will have to pay Rs 500 as handling charges) and a free Smart S-View flip cover (worth Rs 2,499).

Apart from this, Galaxy S4 buyers will also get 12,000 coins worth Rs 12,000, which gets activated as soon as one downloads the MyServices app. These coins can be redeemed against premium content like movie streaming, songs, games and live TV. These would be valid for three months. Users also have the option to go for a Vodafone subscription plan worth Rs 12,000. Like always, one can buy it on EMIs with zero-Interest.

This scheme might just help Samsung in increasing sales of the phone as the Korean giant was in news recently for not meeting its targets for the second quarter due to cold response to the Galaxy S4.

This is not the first time Samsung is selling phones on EMI and buyback offers, which was started soon after the Apple had introduced the EMI scheme on iPhone 4 and got much traction from consumers. These were soon followed by other brands, including BlackBerry which also started a buyback offer on the Z10 recently.

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