Samsung teams up with EA to boost content on its App Store

Samsung Electronics has teamed up with gaming giants Electronic Arts (EA) to launch a program called ‘100% Indie’, reportsReuters. The program will be headed by Chillingo, a division of EA’s mobile games, and will offer strong financial incentives to developers in order to tempt them to bring games to the Korean company’s fledgling App Store.

Unlike other platforms like Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store who offer a 30 percent cut to the developers, Samsung will let independent developers keep 100 percent of their revenue for the first six months. Post six months, Samsung will take a 10 percent cut on the total revenue generated by a game and will let the developer keep the rest. The cut will then slowly rise to 20 percent the following year, with the company taking 30 percent of revenue only after two years.

Chillingo co-founder Chris Byatte said, “While the program is called “100% Indie, Chillingo wants to attract all developers – the established ones, the heavy-hitters to the one-man bands. So anyone who joins the program can benefit from 100 percent revenue, which is unprecedented in our industry so far.”

The program will kick off on March 4 and will aim at increasing the indie genre along with more mainstream offerings like big hit Angry Birds, which got its start as an innovative indie-developed game.


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