Samsung teases translucent portrait HDTV for CES

Samsung regularly unveils new TVs at CES and this time around Samsung is amongst the biggest brands at CES considering Microsoft has pulled out of the yearly technology fair. Samsung has been indicating that it has something big in store for CES and now it is teasing an unprecedented HDTV in terms of both design and technology.

The TV could perhaps feature a translucent display and also an unwieldy portrait aspect ratio. Normally HDTVs are sold in widescreen 16:9 aspect ratios as majority of the HD content is also delivered in the same format.

Even if there is demand for such a concept, content will not be found easily. Most probably, this could perhaps be a muscle flexing exercise where the company shows off a concept, not a consumer product. Samsung had showcased a similar translucent displays that it reckoned could replace store windows some day.

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