Samsung to offer touchscreen-equipped Windows 8 PC in 2012

Head of sales and marketing for Samsung’s personal computer business Uhm Kyu Ho confirmed recently that his company will launch a Windows 8-powered computer during the second half of next year. The device will offer a touchscreen and will likely serve as the successor to the company’s Series 7 slate PC, Bloomberg said Wednesday. Samsung isn’t the only one ready to deploy the new operating system. Recent rumors have suggested that Dell has a device scheduled to launch during third quarter of 2012, and HP CEO Meg Whitman confirmed that her company will sell a Windows 8 computer sometime next year. Additionally, smartphone maker HTC is also rumored to be working on a Windows 8 tablet. On September 13th, Microsoft announced that it was beginning to ship its brand new Windows 8 operating system to developers. The OS offers a number of enhancements over Windows 7, most notably the company’s new “Metro” user interface.


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