SanDisk launches world’s first 128GB microSDXC memory card for Rs 9,999


We’ve indeed come a long way since the time when the sizable memory upgrades on smartphones consisted of 128MB cards, but now a microSD card can hold 128GB of data. SanDisk has launched a new microSDXC card that, thanks to its “XC” moniker, comes with a 128GB capacity. Priced at Rs 9,999, the card will be available from this month.

The 128GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-1 memory card is made for Android smartphones and tablets, and is ideal for full HD (1920×1080 pixels) video shooting and photos. Given the large capacity, SanDisk says the card can store up to 16 hours of Full HD videos, 7,500 songs, 3,200 photos and more than 125 apps on it.

To complement the high capacity card, SanDisk has also updated its Memory Zone app for Android, which is a file manager that helps users view, and backup files from their phone’e memory. Also, the new version of the app also includes OptiMem, a feature that can automatically transfer old photos and videos from phone’s memory to the microSD card.

With the launch of the new 128GB card, SanDisk now offers more than 1,000 times the memory on a microSD card that it did about a decade ago (128MB).

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