Scalado Remove nixes unwanted elements from photos, coming to a phone near you [video]

If HDR, zero shutter lag, smart group shots and burst modes rocked your camphone world last year, watch out for what’s coming your way in 2012. Scalado, a company behind most of these awesome camera technologies, will showcase its latest technology, it calls Remove. Scalado Remove lets users remove elements from a photograph after it has been captured. So no more annoying strangers peeking from behind in your photographs or people walking by while you go trigger happy in a public place.

While we are yet to try it, it seems like Scalado Remove captures multiple shots of the same frame and lets users choose and remove objects that are not consistent in every frame. Sounds darn cool to us and we cannot wait to try it out. Scalado will be showcasing this technology at this month’s MWC. Hit the break for a video demo of how it works.