Screenshots of alleged Samsung Galaxy Watch leaked online

We recently reported about Samsung reportedly planning to launch a Galaxy S IV Mini and an Android-powered watch along with the big launch of its Samsung Galaxy S IV. At that time not much was known about the watch except its code-name— Fortius and that it would compete with Apple’s rumored iWatch. But earlier today SamMobile reported about a series of screenshots that look like the user interface of the Galaxy Watch.

At the onset though, the report warns about not fully believing the screenshots due to certain irregularities. To start with they show the codename Altius, which is actually the codename of the Samsung Galaxy S IV. Another reason it is a little difficult to believe the screenshots is that the user interface shown doesn’t quite meet the company’s UX guidelines and the South Korean smartphone vendor is also not known to use mirror effects on its branding. And finally in the last two images, while the center part of the image says Altius, the code on the right-hand top corner says ‘Altios’.

It is difficult to say much about these screenshots or how true they are and all we can do is wait till Samsung’s event reportedly scheduled on March 15.


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