Should you switch from your monthly 2G plans for Vodafone’s new pay-as-you-use tariffs?


Earlier today Vodafone slashed its 2G internet tariffs by nearly 80 percent, and instead of charging customers 10p/10KB, it will now be charging only 2p/10KB. Though it sounds like a major cut, there’s a small catch— customers subscribed to monthly data plans cannot avail this new rate. So is it really worth moving out of monthly plans to take advantage of these new rates?

The simple answer is no. Take into consideration that you have subscribed to the Rs 125 plan that offers 1GB of Internet data every month. Now, if you switch to the pay-as-you-use plan, with the new tariffs you will end up having to shell out nearly Rs 525 to consume the same amount of data. Post-paid customers who have subscribed to the Rs 50 for 300MB of 2G data will end up having to pay nearly Rs 154.

That said if you are not a power user and are confident that you won’t consume 300MB or 1GB of data every month, then Vodafone’s new rates should be advantageous. But if you spend your days on Facebook, reading emails and on WhatsApp, then we advise you to stick to the monthly plans.