Simplocker is a Tor-enabled Android ransomware that locks all the data on one’s device and demands a ransom to unlock it


An Android ransomware called Simplocker has been creating havoc in Ukraine, according to security experts ESET. This malware essentially encrypts all the data on an Android device and then demands you to pay ransom to unlock your device.

android-simplocker-ransomwareESET mentions that this malware first scans all the data stored on a device’s memory card and then encrypts all of them using AES encryption method. It then asks the victim to pay up 260 Ukrainian Hryvnia ($22 approximately) as ransom via MoneXy transfer service.

The malware shares the victim’s device details on a network called Tor, which is infamous for sending communications via a number of different servers and thus making it extremely difficult to track users. There is however no need for people to worry as of now, as the malware is only restricted to Ukraine.

This is not the first time we are hearing of cyber criminal demanding ransom. Last week, reports surfaced online about a group of hackers in Australia were hacking into iPhones using the “Find my iPhone” tool and then demanding $50 via PayPal as ransom.

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