Sixth grader develops iOS apps, teaches his teachers a thing or two [video]

What were you doing when you were in sixth grade? If you ask me, I was usually found standing outside my classroom or digging into my classmates’ lunch boxes. This post is not about me but of sixth grade student Thomas Suarez, who not only develops iPhone apps but also runs an App Club at his school, where he helps his peers make apps of his own, The Next Web reports. Suarez has already developed two apps, Earth Fortune (changes the earth’s color based on your fortune) and Bustin Jeiber (a whack-a-mole game with Justin Beiber). He now wants to explore developing apps for Android and encourage more students to start developing apps.

“For soccer you can go to a soccer team, for violin you could get lessons for violin. But what if you want to make an app? Their parents might have done a lot of those things when they were young but not many parents have written apps,” he said during his TED Talk at TEDx in Manhattan Beach. (Yes, he does that too!)

So what were you doing when you were in sixth grade?

Hit the jump to watch Suarez’s TedTalk.