Snapseed for Android launched for free, iOS version also made free

Apart from launching communities for Google+, Google has finally launched a version of Snapseed for Android after acquiring Nik Software, the parent company behind the award winning iOS app. In fact, the release on Android was long awaited as Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun-Huang had showcased an early build of the app at the Nvidia keynote held at CES 2012, running on an Asus Transformer Prime. Notably, Google has now made the app free for both Android and iOS, previously it was a paid app on iOS, which came for $4.99.

Unlike Instagram, Snapseed is a more advanced photo editing tool, quite similar to iPhoto for iOS. Users can make basic adjustments like tune, straighten and crop, but it also offers creative filters similar to ones seen in Instagram and some more.

Some of the more advanced features of the app include Control Point technology through which a user can selectively enhance any part of the image. Google has baked in Google+ support among other services that are part of its ecosystem in the Android app, which is not available in the iOS version.

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