Some Sony Xperia Z units are dying mysteriously

The Xperia Z is a big deal for Sony. It’s the company’s first wholehearted attempt to recapture market share from the likes of Apple and Samsung and in some markets its actually doing very well. Even in India, Sony has got the price right with the device, but now the Xperia Blog has posted a story that could put a bit of negativity into the mix. Reportedly, users are complaining that the device randomly switches off and refuses to come on. This happened with the first review unit we received from the company, which refused to charge after it ran out of battery. However, we reckoned we had received a pre-marketing unit, which the company promptly exchanged for another unit.

According to some complaints users say that the battery was low, but it is also affecting devices that have a lot of juice on tap. Sony Mobile says that it is aware of the issue and is working on a software fix for the devices that are affected by the issue.

It goes without saying that this is the last thing Sony would have wanted and hopefully it will be able to rectify the issue quickly, before this spills into a PR disaster for the company.

Photographs: Rohit Sharma

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