Some thoughts on Facebook’s Home

There has been a lot of debate around Facebook Home ever since it was unveiled last night. Most of it coming from influential tech journalists and commentators, many of whom raised privacy concerns (and rightly so) while majority of them claimed how they no longer use Facebook and why other platforms like Twitter, Tumblr and others were more relevant for them. All fair points, but these are applicable to only a very small percentage of Facebook’s over 1 billion users.

We tech journalists/commentators often have a very myopic view of how the rest of the world uses devices, apps and services. We are always on the lookout for the next big thing when users are just getting a hang of the previous big thing. We tend to get into the minutest of details and have a habit of nitpicking about things that the real user does not care about.

Many people of Twitter complained last night about how they would hate Cover Feed considering all the stuff their friends share on Facebook. Well, sorry to break this to you, but funny photos with memes and their ilk, among other things, get shared and re-shared on Facebook because people really dig them. For majority of users, Facebook is not just a platform to share news, thoughts or their own photos, but it is more like a den where they like to hang out, share a few laughs and generally chill out.

Yes, privacy has always been a concern with Facebook and Home would only mean that the social network would get to know its users better by logging their location, the apps they use among other things. But most regular users don’t care, judging by their status updates and frequent check-ins. Everyone of us have friends who check-in when they reach their home, right? They might just want a simpler, more immersive Facebook experience. For those who care about privacy, there are other ways to access Facebook on their phones and they probably know how to hide their tracks.

Facebook Home is not for everyone. It might not work for you and some of your friends. But that does not mean it won’t work for anybody.

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