Sony could unveil PlayStation 4 on February 20

Sony has released a teaser video for a PlayStation event on February 20, which could see the unveiling of its next-gen PlayStation console. All that the cryptic clues indicate is it is about the future of PlayStation, which Sony would reveal at an event in New York. In our books this would be the PlayStation 4.

A refresh for both Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox 360 has been long due and is expected to happen this year. However, Sony’s announcement has taken everyone by surprise. Microsoft too is expected to unveil its next-gen gaming console but no official unveiling date has been announced, yet.

According to leaks last year, the PS4 was codenamed Orbis and would feature an AMD x64 processor along with AMD’s Southern Islands GPU, which is capable of rendering games at 4K resolution apart from playing games in 1080p 3D. However, it is also rumored that this console won’t be backwards compatible and will lock a game to a PSN network, which means gamers won’t be able to run a game disc on multiple consoles. We shall hopefully find out all about it on February 20.

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