> > Sony expects to sell 5 million units of PS4 this fiscal year: Reuters

Sony expects to sell 5 million units of PS4 this fiscal year: Reuters


Sony’s PlayStation 4 (PS4), which goes on sale in November, is likely to outsell Microsoft’s Xbox One and outshine Sony’s last-generation PlayStation 3, Reuters reports. Sony is feeling optimistic having seen the initial reactions and believes it can sell 5 million units between the date of launch and the end of the first fiscal year.

If Sony manages to achieve that target, it will have sold 40 percent higher than its predecessor, which managed to sell 3.6 million units in the same time frame seven years earlier. Sony couldn’t have asked for a better start having surpassed 1 million pre-orders as of August. In other words, the PS4′s launch-quarter sales have already topped the PS3, and the new console hasn’t even debuted yet.

No wonder then Andrew House, president and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc is particularly optimistic and has already said that they expect to earn a profit relatively early, especially since the PS4 is cheaper to build compared to the PS3.

For those waiting, the PS4 will debut on November 15 in the US for $399 (Rs 25,000 approximately) and a launch in India expected around January 2014. You can also find a complete list of launch titles for the PS4 here.