Sony offers 6 months accidental damage protection on select Xperia smartphones


Sony has launched 6 months of accidental damage cover on select Xperia smartphones. Sony India has confirmed to BGR India about the launch of the accidental cover plan but we are still awaiting final details.

What we know at the moment is the the offer will be available to these Xperia devices bought after September 15. We are not sure what kinds of damage will be covered but we are hoping for liquid damage to be covered under it. Earlier, Tadato Kimura, head – marketing, Sony India had told BGR India that the company was looking into the possibility of providing insurance that covered water damage for devices, especially those that Sony was advertising as being water proof. These devices come with a caveat that all the ports have to be closed properly for the water proofing to work.

However, devices that suffered liquid damage were deemed to be out of warranty. We will update this post if we hear from Sony India.

Photo: Harshita Rastogi

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