Sony RX100M2 announced, an upgraded version of the world’s best point and shoot camera, comes with Wi-Fi, NFC and more


How does one improve the world’s best point and shoot camera? That’s the question people at Sony must’ve asked when they started work on the RX100M2, which was announced earlier today. While, the RX100 on the market, Sony has decided to introduce an improved version of the same that packs in a new 1-inch 20.9-megapixel sensor which according to Sony gives it extraordinary low-light image quality. Effectively, the resolution is 20.2-megapixels which is ample.

The RX100M2 also comes with a Carl Zeiss Sonnar-T lens with a f/1.8 aperture which will surely further boost the low-light capabilities of the camera. It also has 3.6x optical zoom. For professionals who’d like to carry the RX100M2 as a backup tool, Sony has added a multi-interface horse shoe that will allow the user to add flashes and viewfinders.

Interestingly, like the rumour mill suggested Sony has added Wi-Fi, but also has added NFC in it like most of its new mobile products. In the rear there is a 3-inch white magic display that adds an extra white pixel to the RGB pixel matrix. It also supports Triluminos color output via HDMI and can shoot 1080p video at 24 frames per second.

Yes, this may not be the groundbreaking camera the RX100 was, but still this is a solid upgrade, and if someone is planning to purchase the RX100 then the mark 2 definitely makes more sense over the original considering the Wi-Fi capabilities and the new image sensor. The RX100M2 will be released in July in the US for $750 or Rs 45,157, and there is no word on an Indian launch but Sony tends to bring its products to India pretty quickly so don’t fret.

Additionally, Sony also launched a variant of the groundbreaking full-frame RX1 called the RX1R. Essentially, it is identical to the RX1, but comes without the optical low-pass filter. Without the filter photographers can use the full 24.3-megapixel resolution in each shot and avoid moire in images. Even the RX1R will go on sale in the US for the same price as the RX1. In India, the RX1 is priced at Rs 179,999.

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