Sony to support 4K resolutions in PlayStation 4

While we already know that next year Microsoft is already preparing the next generation Xbox, our colleagues in the US at BGR Classic have learned that Sony will support 4K resolutions in the PlayStation 4. Sony is already planing to release the XBR 80-inch LED TV with 4K resolution and this is part of a strategic move where the company will push 4K, similar to the way consumer electronics companies have pushed 3D to the consumers. As the push towards 3D has not really worked out well for Sony, it plans on gaining the first movers advantage in the 4K space and this will include the PlayStation 4 as well.

Sony will bank on the PlayStation 4 for propelling 4K content to mainstream, just like the way it used the PlayStation 3 to push Blu-Ray technology. Previously, in 2006 there was a great debate between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray as the next home-video format, however Sony was able to bulldoze Blu-Ray as the definitive format because of the PlayStation 3. And before that, to some extent, the company managed the same with the DVD format on the PlayStation 2. So it is highly likely, that Sony will make similar moves in the 4K space with the PlayStation 4.


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