Sony to roll out a remote security service ‘my Xperia’ this week


Losing a handset is a very troublesome situation and the security of the data and device is paramount. To this end, Sony is rolling out the beta version of its remote security service named ‘my Xperia’ which will help in locating the misplaced or lost Sony smartphone, while protecting the content on it from being misused. As the name suggests the service is exclusive to Xperia range of smartphones.

The ‘my Xperia’ service will enable the user to locate their device on a map, lock it and then received the contact details in a message, and erase both internal and external SD card information. This is not for the first time that a service like this is being worked upon. Apple already has ‘Find my iPhone’ feature installed in its devices, which works on similar grounds.

Sony is initially doing a pilot run of the service in the Nordics on selected Xperia smartphones running Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and the Xperia Acro S will be the first to receive it followed by others. The company plans to roll it out for a global release sometime in Q2.