Soon one won’t need a data connection to access Twitter: Reuters

Twitter could soon be accessible on feature phones or smartphones without an active data connection. To make this possible, the company is reportedly in talks with a Singaporean startup called U2opia, which already has similar partnerships with companies like Facebook and Google among others, Reuters reports.

U2opia’s technology called Fonetwish essentially sends online content via a SMS so one won’t need a data connection. As mentioned above, Google and Facebook use this technology for its social networking platform and Talk app respectively. In Twitter’s case, users would most likely need to dial a code to receive a feed on a particular trending topic. It is not clear how far the talks between the companies have reached, but according to Reuters, this feature could be introduced in the next couple of months.

Though it is a feature that will be appreciated by many, it is not the first time we are hearing of it. A couple of years back, Airtel announced a similar feature wherein users would have to subscribe to SMS updates by sending a short code. On receiving the code, the network operator would send a bunch of tweets from a specific person or topic.