Spot the difference: Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus Vs Apple iPhone 3G

Ever since Samsung announced the Galaxy Ace Plus a few hours ago, I have not been able to help but think how similar it looks to a phone launched in June of 2008. The iPhone 3G that is. It has been bugging me so much that I dug out an old iPhone 3G lying with me and compared it with the official images Samsung released today. Yes, I have not seen the actual unit but the photographs are too similar to dismiss. As an exercise, I took the official images of the iPhone 3G in the same profile and the similarities don’t seem to end. Apart from the rectangular home button and a different placement of the camera, the two devices look exactly the same.

I cannot come up with any good reason why Samsung would do anything like that considering all the lawsuits the two companies are fighting around the design of Samsung’s Galaxy Smartphones and Tabs but then Samsung also used the same girl that Apple used to promote its devices. In all probability, Samsung just wants to tell Apple that it is not scared or even to prove a point that Apple cannot own rights to the design of an all-touchscreen, rectangular smartphone with curved edges and back. What do you have to say? Let us know in comments below.

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