Symbian Belle smartphones including Nokia PureView 808 get sharing update

Nokia has been good with cameras in its high-end smartphones, in particular with its PureView 808 smartphone, which had a revolutionary 41-megapixel camera. When it comes to imaging in smartphones the next you think about is photo sharing and Nokia’s Symbian portfolio has been particularly lagging in this respect. The gallery lacked features with regards to sharing content on social networks. However, an update is being rolled out that makes sharing photos from the gallery to a social network much easier. This update is meant for all Symbian Belle feature pack 2 smartphones including the PureView 808, which also is officially the last Symbian device that Nokia will make.

The company has announced that the PureView and Belle FP2 phones are getting some major updates that include smooth sharing of images as well. So unlike earlier, when posting an image to twitter or Flickr would require the user to activate the Nokia Social feature, and would normally involve a few more steps. However, the new update will enable direct sharing of images resting in the phone gallery to these social networks. As per the company, the share menu option in the gallery setting will allow users to turn the default icon into Twitter instead of just Facebook, which comes pre-set in the device.

So we suggest all Nokia Symbian users to keep a checking for the update, as it will be available soon.

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