Telecom Ministry to allow network carriers who own 4G airwaves to provide voice services: Report


Third generation networks may not have been accepted as widely as experts had predicted, but that isn’t stopping our government from pushing 4G towards mobile users. The telecom ministry is set to allow carriers who own 4G spectrum to provide voice services if they are ready to pay an additional fee of $306 million (Rs 16.58 billion approximately), reports Reuters.

This move will come as a boost to Reliance Industries which is the only telecom company with nationwide 4G broadband wireless access (BWA) airwaves having won the auctions held in 2010. Reliance which is in the process of launching high-speed internet services in the mobile market will now be able to add voice services by paying the required fee.

“There is no restriction on the technology that is being used (to provide voice services),” said R. Chandrashekhar, the top bureaucrat at the telecommunications ministry. The move is on the table at the moment ready to be flagged off by the Telecommunication Ministry.

By providing voice services over 4G network Reliance will get a huge upper-hand in the highly competitive mobile market against the likes of Airtel and Vodafone. Mobile users and mobile manufacturers too will welcome this move which should see a bevy of 4G capable phones entering the Indian market. What we’ll have to wait and see is just how much network carriers will charge the users to use 4G services.

Image Credit: Getty Images


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