Temple Run 2 launched on iOS

The sequel to one of the biggest time wasters and a major reason why your smartphone battery can’t hold its charge, Temple Run has finally hit the App Store today. Weighing in at 45.7MB, Temple Run 2 promises better graphics, smoother animations, more power ups, a slew of achievements, tons of obstacles and of course, a load of new locales to run away from.

Of course you’ll still be chased by monkeys (or in this case, a solitary simian) and couple the use of tilting and swiping your iDevice to well…keep running. However the most dramatic change is that the environments feel a lot more natural meaning that your route isn’t bound to just  go straight or turn at ninety degree angles.

Throw in four playable characters with unique abilities, segments that have you gliding down zip-lines and riding mine carts and you have a title that should do more than enough to keep hordes of fans of the first game coming back for more.

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