Thank you Facebook, for taking the first step in securing my data

This is only the first step in securing user data. The battle will be long and arduous.


Facebook has been facing heat over data privacy for quite some time now. Well, Facebook has been generally facing heat. But if we have to specifically pin it down to data and privacy, then one concern largely looming is how enforcement authorities have access to everything we post on Facebook.

And if you consider Trump’s USA, and the call to share user credentials at immigration, this concern was only growing. The fact that data companies and government authorities have been at loggerheads isn’t new. During the San Bernardino investigation, federal authorities required access to the iPhone that belonged to the accused. What could have otherwise been a straightforward dealing between the US Government and a tech company, spiralled into a PR battle that was gaining notoriety in international press.

It was getting evidently clear that the battle was no longer about the ability to gain access to a user’s data or device, but rather the willingness. More importantly, the intent. Most of us would agree that Facebook thrives because of the data we post on it. With the trust that millions of users place on this global giant, comes responsibility of epic proportions. ALSO READ: FBI paid over $1million to crack San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone

Facebook put out a post on its privacy page that specified its revised terms and conditions, which makes it clear that developers will not be able to cull user data to use on services and projects for surveillance purposes. According to the post by Rob Sherman, Deputy Chief Privacy Officer at Facebook, “Our approach involves making careful decisions every day about how we use and protect data at Facebook. We also adopt policies that limit how developers, advertisers, and others can use our platform.”

That helps assuage a lot of concerns – with the government, advertisers and hackers in general. As far as hackers are concerned, it’s a separate longer debate that’s been going on for some time. With advertisers, users are getting increasingly comfortable, considering Facebook ensures that engaging advertisements are displayed to its base of users. What’s been the primary concern under prevailing political conditions has been the access of data by surveillance. The very fact that Facebook has addressed concerns on this front helps put to rest a great deal of anxiety that would have been growing over recent times.

Hopefully, the effort taken by Facebook doesn’t end here. It’s the perfect opportunity for companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Twitter and Google among several other responsible companies to come together and create a framework for a safer internet.

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  • Published Date: March 14, 2017 9:24 AM IST