The 2014 FIFA World Cup has generated 300 million tweets so far


Twitter has announced that the FIFA World Cup 2014 generated over 300 million tweets during its group stage. The opening game between Brazil and Croatia remains the most tweeted game with some 12.2 million messages exchanged.

The 5 most tweeted games:

1. Brazil vs. Croatia, on June 12: 12.2 million tweets
2. Brazil vs. Mexico, on June 17: 8.95 million tweets
3. Germany vs. Portugal, on June 16: 8.9 million tweets
4. Spain vs. the Netherlands, on June 13: 8.3 million tweets
5. Spain vs. Chile, on June 18: 8.2 million tweets

The 5 most tweeted moments:

1. Brazilian left-back Marcelo’s own goal against Croatia: 378,085 tweets per minute (TPM)
2. American midfielder Clint Dempsey’s goal against Portugal: 304,603 TPM
3. The tournament’s first goal scored by Brazilian striker Neymar against Croatia: 280,265 TMP
4. Brazilian center-back Pepe’s red card against Germany: 261,026 TPM
5. Brazilian midfielder Oscar’s goal against Croatia: 265,953 TPM

Lionel Messi at the heart of the discussions

In the end, Argentine star Lionel Messi is the player with the most mentions so far, ahead of Brazilian striker Neymar and Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez.

As for the most retweeted tweet, the title goes to a humorous message posted by Italian striker Mario Balotelli just before Italy’s game against Costa Rica.

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