The mystery behind iPhone 5 cases and comparison with iPhone 4 [video]

MIC Gadget has an interesting story about how iPhone case manufacturers in China got hold of the next iPhone’s tear-drop design and exact specifications. According to them, a Foxconn employee was paid to ‘lose’ an iPhone 5 prototype, which was later sold to case manufacturers. The phone was apparently disguised to look like an iPhone 4 with a fake chassis, just like the iPhone 4 prototype Gizmodo eventually ended up buying last year, which turned out to be the real deal. Nevertheless, based on the iPhone 5 cases already flooding Chinese markets, the guys have concluded it is 33 percent thinner than the iPhone 4, almost iPod touch thin and is slightly wider and taller too. This finds favor with rumors we have been hearing all year long. We shall find out for sure on October 4, stay tuned. Hit the break below to check out a rather detailed video comparing the alleged iPhone 5 cases with the iPhone 4 and iPod touch.


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