The PlayBook arrives in India – prices start at Rs 27,990+

One of the most eagerly awaited tablets of the year, the BlackBerry PlayBook has been officially launched in India. The seven-inch tablet is being seen by many as the perfect enterprise tablet for those wanting a good deal of processing power (it has a 1 GHz dual core processor and a gig of RAM as well), a decent OS (QNX with a touch of BlackBerry and rechristened BlackBerry Tablet OS), and enterprise apps blended with the traditional BlackBerry security. The PlayBook has been attracting attention for its ability to pair with BlackBerry handsets over BlackBerry Bridge to use the handset’s 3G connectivity and also give users access to information on a larger screen in a secure manner, as well as for possessing some pretty hefty browsing ability (proper Flash and HTML 5 supported – you can play FarmVille proper on this) and multi-tasking muscle. Critics have pounced on its relative absence of apps but if you are the enterprise types and already tote a BlackBerry handset, you can now go out an grab one from your nearby electronic store. The prices are Rs 27,990 (16 GB), Rs 32,990 (32 GB) and Rs 37,990 (64 GB). We will be letting you know what we think of it shortly when we get our mitts on one.

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