The story behind Nokia’s Lumia designs: How it is influenced by Finland


Nokia’s Lumia range of phones is known for their unique designs, but little was known what influenced this philosophy. The Finnish company has now revealed how its home country has had such a deep influence on how the Lumias, especially the Lumia 920 have been designed.

Finland is known for its long-lasting winters, wherein for almost a quarter of a year the whole country is in a state of semi-darkness. To help click photos in such treacherous lighting conditions, Nokia gave the Lumia 920 a camera which has one of the best low-light photo clicking ability. During these winters the temperatures too fall to levels where frostbite can creep in a matter of seconds and thus Nokia has given the device a display which can be operated while wearing heavy gloves.

After the darkness of winters, come the summers and celebrating the bright and beautiful colors of the Finnish summers are Lumia’s color schemes. And finally, the reason Nokia phones have always been loved— their near indestructibility. Nokia says this strength and character of the phones are inspired by Finland’s long industrial history.

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