> > There are 250 million Android devices out there: Larry Page

There are 250 million Android devices out there: Larry Page

Google CEO, Larry Page, dropped some mind blowing numbers during Google’s Q4 result investor call including the fact that over 250 million Android devices have been activated globally and over 700,000 Android smartphones are getting activated everyday. Google also saw some 3.7 million Android devices getting activated over the holiday weekend. It took Android less than two months to add 50 million new users, taking it from 200 million to 250 million. The Android Market, too, crossed 11 billion downloads. Read on for more.

Page is also excited about Google+ numbers even as analysts question the social networks success. “I’m also pleased to announce that there are over 90M Google+ users — well over double what I announced just a quarter ago on our earnings call. Engagement on + is also growing tremendously. I have some amazing data to share there for the first time: +users are very engaged with our products — over 60 percent of them engage daily, and over 80 percent weekly,” Page said during his address.

Mind you, Page is talking about Google+ user engagement with other Google products and not engagement on the social network alone. What Page probably means here is 60 percent of Google+ users engage with other Google products (Gmail, Search etc) on a daily basis, which won’t be difficult to imagine. Google and Page remain tightlipped on the engagement factor on Google+ alone. However, to be fair to Google, unlike Facebook, it does not see Google+ as a standalone social network and it is really about meshing all Google products under a single umbrella.