There are a thousand no’s for every yes


It hasn’t been 24 hours yet and reams have already been written about iOS 7. About how Apple has lifted UI elements from Android, Windows Phone, webOS, even Jolla, among others. There has been a lot of chatter around the new flatter icons, the fonts, the color palette, the translucent screens, the parallax effect and everything in between. Amid all the “headlining”/”controversial” features, many have missed out why iOS is so popular and why iPhone users continue to love their phones even if it might not be able to do many things that others, especially Android, offers. It has never been about the ability to do many things but about doing some of the most important things right.

Before you “re”-brand me as an Apple fanboy, this is not a post about dissing Android over iOS or why iOS is better than Android. It’s about some key features that only iOS users can appreciate and value. For me, iOS 7 is not about new icons or UI features – people would continue to buy iPhones nevertheless, existing users will update their iPhones to iOS 7 and even those who currently claim on Twitter wanting to wash their eyes with acid right now after seeing the psychedelic colors, will start liking them once they use it on their iPhones. Or Jony Ive might mellow things down a bit when the final version is released later this fall.

What really matters to me are a couple of key features that Apple has introduced, which are of true value to users. Rather than concentrating on headlining features, there are two key features that really excite me about iOS 7.

Apple’s Find my iPhone feature was already a killer one and it has enhanced it further with Activation lock. Now in case your iPhone is stolen and the thief tries to disable Find my iPhone or wipe the phone clean, he will have to enter your iCloud credentials. In essence, the phone would be unusable till the iCloud credentials are entered.

The next feature, which was mentioned in passing at last night’s keynote, is the new multitasking feature in iOS 7. If I understood it correctly, iOS would monitor which apps you use frequently and keep refreshing them in the background. It would do this intelligently, updating when the radio is turned on – for instance if you are browsing the Internet or using any other app that’s connected to the Internet – which means it would not drain the battery for the heck of it. Remember, Apple has always maintained it would not offer true multitasking where apps run aimlessly in the background draining battery and at times even the user’s wireless data limit and the new implementation is an improvement.

Yes, I would have loved if iOS 7 enabled third party apps to talk to each other and enables users to share stuff across apps rather than the handful few right now like Twitter and Facebook. That is something I really miss in iOS. But I agree with Ive when he says it is about getting a few things perfect than doing everything and not getting anything right. After all, that’s what brings delight to the users and I am reminded of that every time I see my two-year-old play with her iPod touch and my iPad. And every time I see the excitement on her face, I agree with Apple – There are a thousand no’s for every yes!

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  • Madhava

    Before you “re”-brand me as an Apple fanboy, this is not a post about dissing Android over iOS or why iOS is better than Android.

    If you are apple fanboy admit it, if u want to say which new features are great, go straight and say, why u use these unnecessary words. Some People comfortable with ios and some want android.

    If u want to adpot apple way in this world technology limits to only people with capable of spend 45k, If you want it to all masses then apple is no where will offer it.

    Before you say some thing is best include price of it and say……….

  • Ishwar

    Yes thats true .., the multitasking and incoming call view is fully copied from windows phone … You can check post by WPCENTRAL

    • Madhava

      The iOS7 is copied from all platforms, that is not the case….

  • Jj

    uve written it very nicely but in the end I believe that Android is still better. The flexibility it offers is just phenomenal. While iPhone is costly and for a few millions, Android is for masses and free and therefore the former ought to be perfect while the latter tries to attain perfection. I don’t think android isn’t perfect btw. With the recent updates in pretty sure it’s far far better than iOS. It’s not only the perfection that counts but it’s the innovation that makes a big difference.

    • Dr Jay Goyal

      Hey JJ,

      you are right…android is FREE…but Samsung rakes in billions of dollars selling android phones !!

      All the latest android phones which compare in hardware to iPhone 5 and have the latest android 4.2.2 cost almost as much as an iPhone.

      pls do not tell me of vendors like iball, micromax etc…they do not even compare…

      so if you want to buy da latest or IOS…u have to sell ur kidneys !!

      that does make android any better than IOS

  • Sonam

    I don’t care what comes from where as long as consumers are happy. If we talk about who stole what – Android stole the whole concept of how phone should work and how to make money out of the play store.

    • Madhava

      I think You don’t have knowledge of origin of app store, android is under woks before app stores and iphones, no one bothers which platform copy some from other, the point here is instead of mentioning fanboy words, bette than android or something he should write article , these are good features he like in ios7, actually the iphone users are not happy so long just blindly say we love iphone ios, they always feel android is great…….

  • Madhava

    Apple strength is hardware, iphone clicked becoz of that, no one ever experience software, android is king……

    • Sonam

      Just see Google’s innovation –
      Android was never theirs – it was a purchase. And it would have died – like many other Google products – had the iPhone never existed to tell them – Hey! You have to do a phone – a touch based phone – this way!

      No wonder Steve Jobs hated that rip off.

      • Madhava

        Do you know how iphone born ? Did i mention google anywhere ?? android is under development since 2002.
        If there is no competition you still stick with old ios, if there is no samsung u still stick with iphone 4, competiton benefit iphone users, all features of ios7 rip off from samsung touch wiz, htc sense, android and windows phone 8. where is innovation in apple, i already said they got good hardware, not software. Iam not like you to blindly say this. what abt this

        • hrishikesh

          android was in works since 2002. OK. so what..?? whats the point..?? Under the works means its ready and done..?? Apple brought it to people first, thats what counts.
          you are saying apple has got great hardware, no software. MR. ANDROIDFANBOY, apple is the only company which optimizes the software and hardware together to give an absolute smooth and stable experience on a Dual core CPU which android even fails in quad cores. If u dont blindly follow, why cant u see this..?? u see why microsoft chose a closed ecosystem for their new windows phones..!!
          u also mentioned price. do u know iphone 5 retails for 43k now, so does HTC one (42k) and Samsung S4(40k) . these are the only android options for iphone 5, which retail for nearly the same price. u cant compare samsung Y series price to iphone 5. thats a crime.
          iOS is copied from all OS. wrong. they copied is true, but everything? seriously? App store? Game centre? siri? in the first place, who invented this craze for touch phones..?? remember how phones were in pre-iphone era..??
          another thing, iOS is a darwin based OS, and Darwin was developed n released by apple along with some other open source programmers, whereas Android is Linux based, and i dont see google did anything in the development of Linux. That is why never say apple is only hardware. u are wrong.
          you are correct in saying that price should be a concern. you are also right when u say android is king. but that doesnt mean iOS is nothing. let me remind you, there are only 3 iPhone models which are combating against more than 300 android models under different brands, yet the result will give u a shock. apple still leads the smartphone business in majority locations if not all.

          • Madhava

            What 300 android models competing with 3 iphones ?? Good joke ? Do you ever use jellybean android handset , do you ever use nexus phone ? speaking of lag over after jellybean project butter. do you compare iphone 5
            hardware to htc one design. the only iphone model i like is iphone 4 which is best smartphone product at that time in hardware and software. do you ever know abt iphone 2g,3g,3gs they are crap products with no good software and market specific hardware. only iphone 4 is best model and after that it is samsung which leads and makes it competition to iphone. do you think that $800 iphone 5 will get sales in usa. u mention about ios, i am talking abt ios7, is there any thing new in ios7 other than copying other platform features. apple lost its innovation in software and hardware after iphone 4, siri is acquition not apple invention. touch based phones are popular before apple iphone kk,

            It is not who bring first what, it is who are best in current market, apple lost that, dont drag history to make it best, iphone design is best interest for users but not now, you know before htc one every phone compare with iphone as benchmark, but after that htc one benchmarked. no hardware innovation after iphone 4.

            I am fanboy of who is best in market. iam fanboy of iphone 4 but not iphone 4s or 5, iam not fanboy of ios6 and ios7. iam fanboy of htc one and jellybean, iam not fanboy of samsung galaxy s3 even though it is marketchanger for high competiton not just in android the whole smartphone era after iphone4.

            Now htc one changes game in design to challenge iphone and others. Remember android OEM’s mostly compete among themselves, only samsung compete directly with apple.

            If there is no competition you still pay 30k+ for iphone 4 crap product in present market, you wont see cashback offers trade in if there is no samsung competition.

            Iphone came after trail and error method of motorola, nokia and many others, samsung introduce first fulltouch smartphone before iphone. even iphone ios software is crappy until iphone 4, app stores are available before iphone and apple not invent that, how many apps are there for iphone 2g and 3g, they are sub par in market hadware. Apple ios7 clearly says it is becoz of competion the change comes, other wise same 3.5 inch same old ios.

            Apple fanboys benefit from android and competition, if you people dont want competiton you always behind, iphone 5 is not worth 45k when you compare with hardware of htc one…….

            Microsoft closed system. nokia brought lumia 520 same experience of wp8 os expereinece to masses which lumia 920 offers. What i wrote and for what i comment on this page is about this point. technology should reach masses. Is apple brought ios and app store to masses, what is the point of having 7 lakh apps in ios if hardware is not for masses, iphone clicked in usa becoz of $200. If $800 is price in usa no one will buy man, they are not crazy people to spend that much on iphone, iphone is flop for $800. the first iphone 2g is priced like that. after that market plan changed to $200. that bring ios phone afforable to more people in usa. that why it is hit.

            My clear of point of commenting in this article is go straight and say what he like in ios7 and dont say it is great or something blah blah than others. because it is not. and i mention include price when say anything is best. lumia 520 is best than lumia 920 include price. Why apple macbook are not all over hit like windows oem laptop. You mean people dont have to buy macbook worth 60k dont deserve to have laptop.

            If you want to develop app and work on ios, u have to buy macbook, if u cant afford 60k that means u have to loose your oppurtunity. let them bring macbook for 30k something affordability to masses. if you want to learn c and c++ and if you want to get internet and laptop.

            My concern and point is whatever it is, it should reach to most of people. otherwise any product will fail. iphone is hit where the price is affordable, in other markets it fail…..

            Always like competition everywhere, it brings you best. Apple is a company never want competition in market.
            iPhone5 is not best htc one is there. Lumia 520 is best becoz it brings wp8 os with good hardware. i cant say same with android if i include expereince………. Apple iphone is no where, if there is no competition from samsung and android, ipad mini with 22k is you cant dream from apple… next low cost iphone rumors is alive becoz of competition. HTC ONE IS BEST THAN IPHONE 5, 4S. XPERIA SP IS BEST THAN IPHONE 4 price considered to say these words, not blind saying blah……..

            Whoever it is whoever fans you are any product which not reach masses is fail, dont say that product great.
            I recommend to any ipad mini for tablet becoz it is afforable… when compare to same spec features of android oem hardware………

            Let them come with best product, so we see. best product means including price. If you want which os is great ios7 is out, but android keylime pie not yet… wp8 dont have much apps even it is good………

    • Seb


  • Shivali Agrawal

    Hi Rajat , i truely understand the emotions that you are trying to convey . iOS is indeed a huge leap forward , it really doesn’t matter that all this trolling is going because apple is bringing all those features to the most popular phone on the planet .

    One thing that strike me was the use of White iPhone . All marketing material , apple’s website , promotional videos they all explicitly show white iPhone. I myself use a white one but it makes me wonder whether unknowingly Apple is conveying a msg that iOS 7 would look better on a white model .

    And one thing interface wise that concerns me is the use of white base all over. Day time it won’t cause any problem but while using iPhone during nights , i can imagine all that white base would put strain on eyes .

    And few icons viz. Photo , Game Center and Safari are too simple for my taste , i don’t know what design ethos Jony have for them but then too he can’t please each and every one of 600 mn iOS user . I really wish some way or other they change before the fall release.

    What do you think about the use of “white” iPhone all over ?

  • joly smith

    Yes, you’re an apple fanboy. Plus apple fans finally start understanding that Apple hasn’t invented all the tech goodies. Both google, ms and apple have been “perfecting” concepts from one another

  • hrishikesh

    all u said just now, isnt it just your own opinion..?? u have zero facts and stats in that..
    let me tell you. i have S4, HTC ONE, IPHONE 5 and nexus 4 as my phones. so u ask me if jelly bean is lag free, NO, jelly bean just has increased frame rates which masks the lag. Google S4 octacore lag, n see how many results u get.
    secondly, u are right about the price. is apple to blame for the prices..?? indian economy doesnt allow subsidised phones, or rather our population isnt suitable for subsidised phones.
    YES , im right when i say there are only 3 iphone models as of now. iphone 4, 4s, and 5. rest all are discontinued. please stop trolling and look for facts. count the number of android phones in market, n compare to apple. apple sells quite a lot despite just having 3 models. do you think this people are mad..??
    apple copied everything in iOS 7. ok agreed. why do u care..?? i am ok if apple copied as far as its useful to me. still the play store u are using today in android took inspiration from app store. if u disagree, show proof. or else dont troll.
    BENCHMARKS..?? are u an idiot..?? there is no phone as smooth n responsive as iphone. if u are going to argue here. u will prove yourself as actual idiot.
    when u asked whats the point of 700000+ apps, i must tell you, i am not going to answer that dumb question. these 700000+ apps in app store was the competition which inspired play store to add apps. period.
    One thing i totally agree with you. the price is on higher side. u may even be right that android is more customizable. but let users decide what they like. u dont have to force your opinion.
    And dear, please limit your talking. u talk too much (nonsense).

    • Madhava

      First you have to understand what the next person is saying kk dont say blah blah again and again.
      Your replies say that you are the biggest idiot, if you have money you can buy how many phones u want…

      You are such an idiot that u cant understand other person words, iam saying about design of product man. htc one beats iphone 5 in design, i never said iphone user expereince is not good…

      You are saying all android phones competiting with iphones… this says how much dumb u are…. from basic android to high end all phones competiting with iphones.. i never listen or read this from anywhere…

      I am talking about affordability and reaching ios and its apps to more people in budget price. I am not asking to give iphone 5 premium design materials and hardware for 15 – 20k.

      I am talking about ecosystem, i know it is user choice to select, iam not saying or iam not forcing any one.
      You are blaming indian economy for pricing of products. Just watch apple will introduce low cost products…

      An open system has more benefits than lag, an closed system compromises more…
      Only Microsoft knows how to play both that why wp8 reaches masses with lumia 520..

      If you cant get my point stop replying, iam talking abt reaching masses of ecosystem, u r agreeing that point price and again going somewhere………..

  • sahith

    If u guys cant afford an iPhone dont buy it, and dont feel jealous of them those who can buy iphones,, iOS is flawless from the start. android is still choppy even in galaxy s4. recently i got a chance to play with android os on my friends s4, omg it was so much laggy, can’t imagine still why people love ios which operates butter smooth and silky.

    please never compare an iphone with those cheap android phones, never and ever :)

    • Madhava

      If u guys cant afford an iPhone dont buy it, and dont feel jealous of them those who can buy iphones,,

      Jealous stop that man, my point is everything should reach masses kk , not to limit who afford.

      I am asking let ios reach masses in budget price like ipad mini , not every one wants aluminimum materials man.
      Iphone 4 can get for 20k but it is outdated, how many ios7 features coming to iphone 4.

    • Madhava

      Iam comparing iphone 5 with htc one, just have a look at both man…….. Stop praising iphone premium design gone are the days . Htc one vs iphone 5
      Dont compare that waste iphone 5 with htc one

      • sahith

        whatever, ios always feel premium and so iphone and they always be, matter is if google gonna beat ios they should throw android which was a flawed OS from the scratch.

        i dont know whether you people know this phrase “iPhone users complain about their problems while Android users live with them” got it?

  • Ajay Rathore

    Whatever they say….Hate it or Love it…..iOS is best….
    One can’t use any other platform if once iOS used…….

    Bullshit to all those claim negative to iOS.
    I tried every flagship phone from different manufacturer but they all fail to impress in certain aspects…..

    • Hrishikesh

      How many features of iOS are coming to iPhone 4..?? iPhone 4 was launched in 2010. Which android phone launched in 2010 has jelly bean today..?? At least compare things based on similar grounds.
      HTC One is an excellent phone. But does that mean iPhone 5 is not..?? Both are priced similarly.

    • Hrishikesh

      How many features of iOS are coming to iPhone 4..?? iPhone 4 was launched in 2010. Which android phone launched in 2010 has jelly bean today..?? At least compare things based on similar grounds.
      HTC One is an excellent phone. But does that mean iPhone 5 is not..?? Both are priced similarly.
      Also, the proper comparison will be between the upcoming iPhone and current android crops.

  • Suraj

    iSheep’s every where…

    look at this headline >> Samsung Galaxy S4 Blows Apple On Its Turf

    • hrishikesh

      @suraj- the link u gave is blank. just like your brain.

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