This could be Intel’s Rs 7,000 Android smartphone

Last week Intel’s Managing Director for South Asia, Debjani Ghosh, revealed that the company was working with OEMs to launch a Rs 7,000 Android smartphone powered by an Intel processor in India. Turns out that a couple of days before the announcement, Intel had a smartphone listed with the Bluetooth SIG, which could be that device.

The Intel Lexington was listed on the Bluetooth SIG on December 3 and is currently headed to African carrier Safaricom. In all probability this is the same device that Intel would sell to OEMs around the world as a cheap Android smartphone. While little is known about the Lexington at the moment, from the looks of it we would reckon it would have a 3.2-inch or even smaller display (probably HVGA) and have bare minimum hardware specs. The listing does reveal that it is 3G capable.

Intel could probably integrate the same Medfield processor it used in its first Android smartphone that was launched earlier this year in India by Lava as the XOLO X900. The Intel Atom Z2460 processor on that reference design was clocked at 1.6GHz and a GPU clocked at 400MHz.

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