> > This is the $21,000 Silver Anniversary Edition Leica M Monochrom

This is the $21,000 Silver Anniversary Edition Leica M Monochrom


Developed in collaboration with the camera company to mark Nordisk Foto Import’s 25th year in business as a Leica agent, this very rare take on the standard camera comes in a unique silver finish and is wrapped in an equally special leather. But this exclusivity comes at a price.


As well as forsaking the standard model’s matte black finish in favor of polished metal, the Silver Anniversary edition also gets a reimagined, custom-built LEICA Summilux M-1.4/35 ASPH lens and lens hood, in a matching finish. The look is topped off with Aztec beige leather trim around the body and a matching strap.


Only 25 examples will be built and each one will sport its serial number on the hot shoe and will come in two special display cases, one for the body and one for the lens.


Other than that, the special edition is the same as the standard Monochrom; so it includes an 18-megapixel sensor, an ISO that runs up to 10,000 and a free copy of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.


And now for the catch. Each of the 25 cameras comes with a price tag of $21,000 or €15,000. Although technically, that sum should be in Krona as the Silver Anniversary Edition Leica M Monochrom is only available via Nordisk Foto Import’s website or stores in Sweden and Denmark.


Still, if you’re a well-heeled camera obsessive, northern Europe is a very picturesque destination for a short holiday at this time of year.