Tizen reportedly dead on arrival, Samsung will not launch more than one smartphone


Tizen which is the lovechild of Samsung’s Bada and Intel/Nokia’s MeeGo has been gathering some heat of late. The rumor mill has suggested that Samsung’s first Tizen smartphone is delayed and will now only launch in Q4. Additionally, Intel has also showcased its Obsidian UI for Tizen, but now industry insider Eldar Murtazin has tweeted that Tizen is almost dead.

He claims there is no delay in the shipment of smartphones, but rather the project itself has been canned, and he doubts weather Samsung will launch more than one device.

This is interesting as Tizen was always seen as a way for Samsung to break away from its dependence on Google’s Android OS. That said, due to the open source nature of Android, Samsung can always fork it like Amazon has for the Kindle tablets and provide apps on its app store.

Now that Intel is making inroads in the Android ecosystem, Tizen does not seem that viable for the chipset giant considering it’s a new platform with little or no apps, while Android is well established and is the market leader.

Murtazin confirms as much in a subsequent tweet where he reckons Intel is working on something major with Android and probably Samsung would collaborate on that project rather than launching a new platform and developing a complete ecosystem for it.

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