Toddlers using touchscreen actively can help in developing fine motor skills

A recent study says that toddlers who actively use touchscreen are more likely to develop fine motor skills.

A recent study says that toddlers playing around with the touchscreen tablet have benefits. If the child actively scrolls on the screen it would increase finer motor control, says the study. According to the study conducted at the University of London, early touchscreen use, in particular active scrolling correlates with increase in fine motor skills. Researcher Tim J. Smith of Birbeck at University of London set up an online survey for parents to answer questions about their children’s touchscreen use. This included questions about whether the toddlers used touchscreens, when they first used one besides how often and how long they used them.

The survey also included specific questions to assess the development of the children, such as the age that they first stacked blocks which indicates fine motor skills or the age they first used two-word sentences which indicate language development. During the study, 715 families responded confirming that using touchscreen is extremely common in toddlers. The study showed that majority of toddlers had daily exposure to touchscreen devices, increasing from 51.22 percent at six to 11 months to 92.05 percent at 19-36 months, Smith added.

In toddlers aged 19-36 months, the researchers found that the age that parents reported for their child’s first actively scrolling a touchscreen was positively associated with the age that they were first able to stack blocks, a measure of fine motor control. The study, published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, also stated that the current generation of toddlers was adapting rapidly to new technology.

Published:Thu, September 15, 2016 8:00am | Updated:Thu, September 15, 2016 8:05am



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