> > Tour Guide in Google Earth now includes over 1 million new tours

Tour Guide in Google Earth now includes over 1 million new tours

Google Earth is one of the most innovative and interesting services that Google makes. It takes the user on a virtual tour of almost anyplace on the planet. To build on that experience, Google has announced a major update to its tour guide feature in Google Earth. Tour Guide works as a local tour guide to help the users explore more about the place they plan to visit, and also about places near the location one is visiting.

With the update now there are over 1,00,000 new virtual tours of popular sites, cities and places across 200 countries. The update also includes some more information added to existing tours.

The most interesting part of the update is that tour guide now also features place highlights and over one million user-generated Panorama photos, which further enhance the whole experience.

Apart from this there are 3D models of flyovers, Wikipedia snippets and there are more under the hood enhancements that make it look more realistic. Also, each tour ends with a bunch of thumbnails of the place visited. It can be seen as a full image as well.

The tour guide is available for PC/Mac, Android and iOS versions via Google Earth 7.0. That said, Google Earth on Android and iOS is not available in India so one will just need to suffice with the desktop experience.