> > Truecaller finally gets live voice caller ID for the iPhone, here’s how to use it

Truecaller finally gets live voice caller ID for the iPhone, here’s how to use it


Truecaller today announced a new feature for its iOS app — live voice caller ID. What this essentially does is checks the unknown number against its database and tells you in Siri’s voice who is calling.

For the voice caller ID to work, you will need to first take a screenshot (press the power and home button together) of the call screen. Within a few seconds, the app will speak out who the caller is. This process of taking a screenshot for the caller ID has already been present for quite some time now, but the voice caller id is much faster and tells you who is calling much before the popup notification.

The process may sound a tad long to most people, but that is because Apple does not grant access to its APIs (in this case, call information). Android’s open platform, on the other hand, offers a far simpler way of using this feature. To bypass the strict rules, Truecaller came up with this screenshot method. But this is not the final product — while speaking to TechCrunch, CEO and co-founder Alan Mamedi said that this is but an iteration and that he hopes to work closely with Apple in the future to make this process simpler.

Truecaller has shown an impressive growth with more than 55 million users worldwide and adding 2.4 million new users a month in India. Earlier this year the company also scored $18.8 million funding from investors led by Sequoia Capital.

You can head over to the App Store to download the latest version of Truecaller. In the meantime you can watch a demo video of how the voice caller id works in the video below.

Photo: Paranjay Dutt