Truecaller searches cross half a billion in a month, India tops the list


More than 13 million people around the world have been using popular directory app Truecaller to conduct a staggering half a billion names and number searches each month. According to the Swedish developers, this is a 70 percent jump in the number of searches since the app was updated in February.

Truecaller is a global phone directory that allows you to search for names or numbers on the app and see who it belongs to. Users also get an option to block a number if they wish to.

According to the app developers, of the half billion searches, almost 50 percent of them are made in Asia and India ranks at the top with the most number of name and number searches. Indians have also been using the reverse number lookup feature the most, which lets users find the name of the person the phone number belongs to. It isn’t a very surprising stat if one takes into consideration just how many calls we get from unknown numbers and the lack of public directories.

Apart from India, US too has a large number of Truecaller users and has the most number of people purchasing Truecaller Credits, which is needed to contact a person through Truecaller via name search.