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Twitter gives Windows Phone the app it deserves

Twitter has recently brought in quite a quite a few updates on the Android and iOS platforms introducing features like archiving tweets and also making the in-app search function better. Now Twitter has turned its attention to the Windows platform and earlier today announced an update that brings the app on Windows Phone that will bring it at par with the other platforms.

The biggest change that Twitter has introduced in the latest version is the support for Live Tiles which is a unique feature on the Windows mobile. A user can pin the twitter app on the homesecreen and get quick updates right there.

Twitter has also overhauled the app in terms of design by introducing Home, Connect, Discover and Me buttons that are normally found on the other platforms. You can view all the tweets from people you follow by clicking on the Home button. The Connect button gives you a list of all the recent interactions like new followers, retweets and favorites. The Discover button lets a user find new content and also view all topics that are currently trending and finally the Me button takes you to your profile where you can check the lists, update your profile and also read your direct messages. Twitter has also added a Tweet and Search button on the top right, which will allow a user to compose a tweet from anywhere in the app.

You can download the latest version of Twitter from the Windows app store.