Twitter improves search and makes it easier to discover new content on mobile

Twitter has improved its ‘Search’ and ‘Discover’ tools on its mobile apps for iOS and Android smartphones as well its mobile website that users access from mobile web browsers. The main motive of the update is to provide content in a single stream per tab, so that the information is easier to find and it does not get lost in the noise created by the people on Twitter.

The Discover tab for instance now includes Tweets, Activity, Trends and suggestions of accounts to follow all in a single stream. Users can also jump into Activity and trends for new previews at the top of the Discover tab. The search feature more importantly now throws up more relevant content by combining a concoction of tweets, photos and accounts in one single stream. There is a new search button for Android and iPhone users. This button has already been available to iPad users. There is also a new magnifying glass button right next to the compose button.

The new Twitter apps also make interactions simpler. In the connect tab, ‘Interaction’ is now the view by default which allows the user to keep a track of mentions, follows and re-tweets in a single interface. Of course, if one is just interested in mentions, then one can select the mentions only button.

Twitter has also made it easier and faster for users to open links from the mobile app. Previously, there were two steps to open a link, but now that has been shortened to a single click. So content in your stream gets reflected twice as fast.

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