Twitter rolls out extended Tweets for publishers

Starting today Twitter is rolling out a new feature that will let some partner publishers to show more than just 140 characters in their Tweets. The new feature, called expanded Tweets, will enable these publishers to show the headline and a brief intro of the story, photographs, videos and audio, along with the Twitter handle of the story’s reporter.

Twitter has partnered with The Wall Street Journal, Breaking News, Time, The New York Times, WWE, Dailymotion, TMZ and Buzzfeed among others to begin expanded Tweets. Users can already view videos posted on YouTube and photographs from Instagram directly by expanding the Tweet containing a link to either of them.

However, with expanded Tweets, Twitter is aiming to replicate something similar to what Facebook has done with its Social Reader feature. Rather than just sharing links, Twitter users will be able to get a fair idea of what the link is about, which should increase clickthroughs and time spent on a page for publishers. Expect more publishers to get involved in expanded Tweets in coming weeks and months.

Twitter’s expanded Tweets is rolling out right now and will be available on the web and It will also be available on Twitter’s iOS and Android apps later.

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