Twitter to launch Vine, a video sharing app on the App Store

Steak tartare in six seconds. @dhof

Twitter is reportedly planning to launch Vine, its video sharing app which does what Instagram does with social photos. The app could be rolled out as early as tomorrow according to AllThingsD and would only be available on the App Store.
Acquired by Twitter last year, Vine is a tool used to make and share short six second video clips. Like Instagram, Vine allows users to follow other Vine users’ clips, explore stuff from people you don’t know, etc. Dick Costolo, CEO Twitter, put up a video embedded in a tweet to show just how this tool works.

Reports indicate that the one thing that differentiates Vine from similar video sharing apps is in the way you use it — after hitting a “record” button on the app, you hold your thumb on the screen to start filming. Take it off, and the camera stops. You can use the app to create one straight take, or take lots of little shots, and make digital montages or flip-books.

  • Published Date: January 24, 2013 3:17 PM IST