Twitter updates Android and iPhone apps

Twitter has updated its mobile Android and iPhone apps and along with this it has also updated its mobile website. The major updates have been reserved for the Android app which was in dire need of some UI refinement. Twitter says, the new app reflects the native Android experience.

There are now wider and taller timelines that fill the screen and there is a flat navigation bar on the top. Users can and tap and hold for more contextual menus. Users can also swipe between taps, when one types out a tweet or searches one will see username and hashtag suggestions.

Besides all this, both the mobile apps and the mobile website now show more types of content in expanded tweets such as photo galleries, apps and product listings. Users will also be able to see links from other mobile apps like Foursquare or Path. This way users will be able to directly download or open the app directly from the tweet.

Twitter has been quickly improving upon the mobile experience, only a few days ago it introduced Twitter cards for developers that will allow them to integrate photos, article summaries, videos within a single tweet. Apart from this there are a number of under-the-hood refinements that Twitter has added to the apps that will improve upon the daily experience.

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